What do I get with a quarter beef?

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Has buying meat in bulk got you a little intimidated?

No worries!! We can help because we’ve been there.

Buying meat in bulk is definitely the cheaper route to go. I mean, where else can you get a T-bone or Porterhouse for $4.00/lb?!

But it can be a lot of cash-ola or, dare I say, moo-la, to get your beef.

You’ll have a freezer full of meat and take the guess work out of “What’s for dinner?”. Um, yeah, it’s beef if you haven’t guessed ;)

Click the link to see all the stuff you get with just a quarter beef!

What do I get with a quarter beef?

Ground beef is our go-to on busy nights. Well, that would be every night, so we’ll say, most nights. Burgers, tacos, meatloaf, casseroles, just to name a few.

Roast in the crock-pot is the easiest, most delicious one-pot meal, EVER! It looks and smells like you’ve been slaving all day to prepare. But you just throw it in the pot with veggies and forget about it until everyone’s home to eat!!

Not to mention leftovers for the next busy night(s). Win, Win!

Don’t forget the thick juicy Steaks on the grill! We grill all year and just call them Snow-BQ’s when needed.

Have I made your mouth water yet? Ready to reserve? Email or call to save your beef! We don’t raise many beef cows, so this only happens once or twice a year.

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