Why Raw Milk still "Does a Body Good"


Remember the milk you used to have at your grandparents house?

Maybe they told stories about milking their cow "Bessie" and how delicious her milk was. (We have a cow named Bessie. Coincidence? I think not!)

Those are some great memories!

But ever wonder why more & more people are becoming "lactose intolerant", have Crohn's, or IBS?

You have a sneaking suspicion (like us) that there is a reason your great-grandparents & grandparents didn't have all the digestive issues that people have nowadays.

Foods today are not the same as they were when our grandparents grew up.

Milk for example - Pasteurized milk from the store has been heat treated to kill bacteria.

Pasteurization not only kills bad bacteria, but also destroys:

  • good bacteria

  • enzymes

  • lowers vitamin content - destroying vitamins C, B12, & B6

  • promotes other pathogens

It changes the proteins into something our body doesn't recognize. Making your body go into "attack" mode, causing things such as:

  • IBS

  • colitis

  • Crohn's

  • acid reflux

  • diarrhea... Shall I go on?

Where as, Raw milk is straight from the cow, fresh, not pasteurized, non-homogenized goodness. It's actually a whole food, not a beverage, with very high nutritional value containing essential amino acids.

But raw milk has gotten a bad rap from long ago.

In the early 19th century, the US alcohol distillery business was growing. Large amounts of swill (spent-grains) were produced as a by-product. Many of the distilleries opened dairies so they could feed their dairy cows swill, instead of "wasting" it. 

Well, swill WAS waste. The low nutritional value of the swill lead to sickness in the cows and the people :'(mostly babies) who drank their milk!

So pasteurization was invented to kill all the bacteria in the milk.

Raw milk from healthy, well-taken-care-of cows is the perfect food! All of the above mentioned "good stuff" that is destroyed during pasteurization is still alive-and-well in raw milk. 

Most times people that are allergic to milk, or are lactose intolerant, can still enjoy real raw milk. 



We have customer's that swear by it! Curing things like: 

  • Eczema

  • Allergies

  • Asthma

  • Stomach problems, etc...

It's delicious! And has a thick cream line (healthy fat separation) that can be swirled back into the milk, or skimmed off to make other good-for-you foods, like butter or whipped cream! (next blog post recipe)

Ready to give raw milk a try?

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Contact us, we're happy to help!

Remember, RAW milk does a body good!