4 Benefits of Free-range Eggs


You're always looking for heathier ways to eat, or foods that will benefit your families health.

But no one ever thinks much about eggs.  They're just always kind of "there"...

First off, "Free Range" in commercial egg production (store bought eggs) means they don't have to sit in a cage. The chickens are still cooped up in a building, or they have access to a fenced in area.  But, that fenced area is not very big, therefore, they scratch and peck it down to dirt, so they are really not getting any "pasture". 

But at least they get sunshine, right, maybe??

However, to us, Free-range SHOULD mean chickens get to roam anywhere.

That's how our egg layers are raised, no cages or fences.  Well... there are fences, but they just go right under, over, or through our cows', goats', or pigs' fences.  Our chickys can even go in the fields if they choose.  Or across the road... [insert lame chicken joke here].

There are some major benefits your family will enjoy from choosing Free-range or pastured eggs.

Less Fat and Cholesterol

*10% less fat and 34% less cholesterol to be exact

More Vitamin A/Beta Carotene

*That's where the bright yellow/orange yolks come from.  Now you don't have to eat so many carrots!

More Vitamin B & E

*Some of the B vitamins, like niacin, are mostly found in the egg white. Whereas, the A, D, and E vitamins are all in the yolk.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

*You always hear how you need to have more Omega-3's in your diet.  Here's an easy way to add them!

Our chickens' egg yolks are so dark I've had people ask what the "orange stuff" is in my potato salad! LOL!!

Where do your eggs come from? Your backyard?  Grocery store?  Or a local farmer?