What do I get with a half hog?

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If you're totally confused about what comes with a bulk order of pork, you're not alone!

Until we processed a few of our own hogs I really had no clue what to expect either.  Then the butcher asks "How do you want your hog cut?"... Uhhh, ummm, *chirp, chirp, chirp*

So I created this little flier to help (I hope) with any questions you may have.

What do I get with a side of pork?

Our delicious pasture raised, milk-fed, happy hogs go to the locker spring & fall. They also get non-GMO corn, eggs, other garden extras, and root in the dirt like little piggy’s should to live a happy piggy life.

It's not the rubbery, pale, tasteless pork you're used to at the store.  You won't believe the difference. Don't wait to reserve, they go fast!!

You don't need a HUGE freezer either. A half hog will fill about 1 clothes basket, or a heaping one (mine are always heaping anyway, with clothes that is). Now you have a reason to fold that laundry.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk to your freezer and pull out a couple packs of… well… anything really. Chops, steaks, pork patties.

No extra trip to the grocery store needed.

We all know it’s hard to plan dinner when you can’t even fit in a shower. Oh, wait, is that just me??

Ready to reserve for your family?  Send us an Email or call 309-530-4381 to learn more.

It's always BBQ season in Illinois. We just have to call them snow-BQ’s, get a jump on it!