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A small family farm, owned & operated by Scott & Anna Hoffman and their 4 kids.  Proudly serving Central Illinois!

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Searching for ways to help your kids' digestive or skin issues? Need quick, nutritious, YUMMY dinners that your kids will actually eat? Maybe you just want to know where your food comes from.

Well, here at Hoffman's Little Acres, we're here to help!

You just know in the back of your mind there has to be a better solution than all those prescriptions the Doctor's want you to take.

We're happy to report, THERE IS!!

Ever wonder.. "How Long Does Raw Milk Last?" 

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Have you heard of the amazing benefits of raw milk

Check out our blog on why milk does a body good.  It's not just for digestive issues, it can help so much more! 

But we're not just here for raw milk, check out the other ways we can help you...

"I'm so happy I found Hoffman's Little Acres! The chicken and beef are amazing, and I'm looking forward to being able to stock up come summer. Anna and Scott are so pleasant and friendly, a joy to do business with." -Mrs. Johnson


No more rubbery pork chops or tasteless chicken! This is how REAL food should taste.  Plus, our meats are conveniently sealed in vacuum packs for quick thawing on those crazy busy weeknights.

Paleo or Keto? We’ve got you covered!

*Ground beef - you should always have on-hand! Burgers, tacos, sloppy joes... all quick and easy when you forget you still have to feed your kids. Oops, we've all been there ;)

*Steaks & chops - throw 'em in a pan or on the grill with some veggies. Boom! Supper.

*Pastured Chicken - the perfect forget-about-it dinner! Plop the whole bird in the crockpot. Add some veggies. Turn on low before you walk out the door for your looong day.

Come home to an amazing home-cooked meal that smells like you've slaved all day over a hot stove!

*Don't forget breakfast! Eggs are a staple in your fridge. Besides everyday baking, they are the perfect portable snack when hard-boiled. 

Bonus: our eggs are from free-range chickens that may even... cross the road!! The yolks are bright orange and packed with vitamins. Heck, we even have them for supper! Bacon or sausage are a must-have side dish.

Egg allergy?? We’ve thought of that too.. Duck eggs to the rescue! For real, most folks with egg allergies can have duck eggs no problem. Crazy, right?! It’s the different protein in the eggs, kinda like the different proteins in cow milk vs. goat milk.

*Delicious & good for you raw milk to wash it all down.

"I need raw milk for health reasons, so was thrilled to find them and my inquiry was quickly attended to! The milk is so awesome! It makes the best yogurt. The taste is incredible!" -Sharon


No artificial growth hormones or routine antibiotics are ever used in our animals.

For natural, healthy, delicious home grown farm food, like back in the "good ol' days", you're in the right place!

Have a look around our site. Drop us an email and tell us a little bit about yourself, we'd love to hear about other ways we can help you and your family! 


Free Range Chickens/Free Range Eggs

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We have Raw Cow & Goat milk(seasonal), completely Free-Range chicken & duck eggs, cuts of beef & pork (also bulk orders of pork), & whole pastured chickens. Goat milk soap, plus much more.

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Hoffman's Little Acres is family owned and operated by Scott & Anna Hoffman and their 4 kids.  Animals have been in my (Anna's) life for as long as I can remember.  Growing up a...