Welcome to Hoffman's Little Acres


 We are a small family farm raising natural food for families in central Illinois.

Are you tired of the tasteless meat, eggs, & milk at the grocery stores? If you're searching for natural, healthy, delicious home grown farm food, like back in the "good ol' days", you're in the right place!


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We raise our animals outside as naturally as possible.  Our hogs are able to root and lay in the sun, our chickens can go anywhere, our cows aren't in a concrete feed lot or locked in a barn, and our goats have toys to play on.

We do this because we believe we should get back to the way things used to be.  Raising animals outside makes for heathier, happier animals and tastier meat.

Have a look around our site, come visit us, or drop us an email, we'd love to hear from you!



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We have Raw Cow & Goat milk, completely Free Range chicken eggs, half or whole pastured pork & beef (or by the piece), whole pastured chickens, goat milk soap, plus much more.

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About our farm & family

Hoffman's Little Acres is family owned and operated by Scott & Anna Hoffman and their 3 daughters & 1 son.  We love raising our own animals & food on our small scale farm in...