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***Please email for appointment if it's your first time picking up milk. Bring your own jars & lids or purchase them here.***

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"Great family! Fresh local meats, raw milk and fantastic homemade goat milk soap! Check them out." -Bridget

Pastured Pork

Milk fed Pork

Looking for quick easy dinners? We've got you covered! Our cuts of pork & beef come in vacuum sealed packs that thaw quickly in cold water. Throw them in a pan or on the grill with some sweet potatoes or broccoli, voila... dinner is served!!

Milk fed pork! You can't find that at the grocery store!!  Pigs are raised on our extra raw milk and my cheese-making fails, some non-GMO corn, plus given plenty of garden "extras" and eggs.  Pigs raised outside to live a normal piggy life, just taste better.  Mmmm, mmmm, good!


With our small acreage, our beef is NOT 100% grass fed, they are fed some non-GMO corn along with their hay.  We try to keep beef cuts available in our store. But, because of high demand we can no longer offer bulk sales of quarters or halves. We just can’t produce that much!

Free Range Eggs & Whole Pastured Chickens

Sure, have eggs and bacon for supper!  Fried, scrambled, poached, the possibilities are endless, and delicious. It's quick & easy when you forget all about dinner. Free range means our hens have no fences, they may even be caught "crossing the road"! *gasp* 

Their diet is supplemented with non-GMO local feed mix, milk from our cows, or yogurt & kefir that I mess up making! ;)

Whole pastured chickens are the perfect forget-about-it dinner.

"Your chicken is the best I've ever had!! I can't eat the 'plastic' chicken at the store. I'm spoiled to yours." -Esther

Put the whole bird in the crock pot with your favorite veggies before heading out for your busy day. Come home to a perfect meal. Then leftovers for chicken wraps or sandwiches & the bones for healthy bone broth soups.

You can't go wrong, three meals in one! You may even have time to pick up those Legos you've been dodging for a couple days.

What makes these chickens so great is that they're raised out in sunshine & grass and fed a non-GMO local grain mix along with raw milk and kefir! They actually taste like, well,... chicken!

Pastured Chicken
3 little chicks.jpg
Pastured meat chickens

Pastured meat chickens

Goat Milk Soap
Red Apple & Hunter’s Soap

Red Apple & Hunter’s Soap

milk eggs in wagon.jpg

Raw Cow & Goat Milk, Goat Milk Soap, & Bath products

***Please email if it's your first time picking up milk*** Goat milk is sold out for the year!

Raw milk from Jersey & Dutch Belted cows, with all the good stuff still in it. Bring your own jars to get your fix, but please email before your first pick up.

You can make kefir, yogurt, butter, cheese, even coffee cream...(YES, coffee cream! see the recipe here) the list goes on!

Heard of A2 milk? Seems a little confusing!? Just google it for your research. All our cows carry the A2 protein in their milk!! We are working towards 100% A2/A2, currently a couple are A1/A2, a couple A2/B (never knew that was a “thing”!) and one girl is A2/A2 (YAY!!). See, told ya.. confusing.

Because one of our girls (aka cows) is on the older side (Shh! Don't tell her I said that) they are fed some non-GMO corn at milking time to keep them in tip-top shape and give them their minerals. Mostly though, they eat alfalfa hay or grass/pasture and are outside in the fresh air & sunshine.

Goat milk is also available for those that have milk allergies. (Goats are fed a commercial grain, they are picky...)

Goat milk soap?? Sure is, soap made with our own fresh raw goat milk will have you amazed at how soft your skin should really feel!  We make soap with essential oils or fragrance oils, some with natural colors or no colors. Take your pick from our soap display in our farm store.  Bonus, cute little baby goats in the spring!

"I got some of your soap for my birthday from a friend and my skin has never felt this soft. My daughter and I just went to get some more because it's AMAZING! Thank you so much!!!" -Amy

Visit our farm to see our other bath & body products available. Like Lip Balm, Whipped Body Butter, & lotion!

**All our dairy herd (cows and goats) are tested NEGATIVE for diseases like Johne's, Q-Fever, Brucellosis, CL, & CAE.