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Store hours are:

Monday: 11am to 7pm

Tuesday thru Friday: 11am to 5pm

Saturday: 10am to 5pm

Sunday: Closed


Pork & Beef

We raise various heritage breeds of feeder pigs, Red Wattle, Old Spot, & Berkshire. The hogs are raised outdoors with shelter and fed Transitional feed, which is one step better than Non-GMO, along with a variety of "extras" including eggs, raw milk (cow or goat), fruits, vegetables, even hay, and whatever else they can find rooting around in the dirt.  Pork raised outside in the sunshine makes for a healthier pig with no need for antibiotics or growth hormones.  The meat is more red than "the other white meat" that you buy at the store.  There is more fat & marbling that gives it its great flavor.  We sell by the piece, or you can reserve 1/2 or whole hogs.

With our small acreage we don't raise much beef, and it is not 100% grass fed. Our steers (castrated bulls) are fed Transitional corn along with their hay.  We try to keep beef cuts available in our store, but if your looking for large quantities, contact us to find out if we have 1/4, 1/2, whole beef available.

Free Range Eggs & Whole Pastured Chickens

Completely free range chicken eggs means our hens get to go in and out of their coop to roam around our whole property, rain or shine, to peck at grass & weeds, scratch for bugs, and take dirt baths which they love.  This makes their egg yolks bright orange and very nutritious compared to the pale yellow eggs at the store.  They go into their barn coop to lay their eggs and their diet is supplemented with transitional layer feed.

Also, whole pastured meat chickens, raised outside in a bottomless portable coop.  They are fed transitional feed and their coop is moved to fresh grass daily so they can scratch & peck for bugs and be in the sunshine like chickens should.  Makes for a delicious bird!



Raw Cow & Goat Milk, Goat Milk Soap, & Bath products

Our dairy cow breeds consist of Jersey & Dutch Belted.  Dutch Belted are on the Livestock Conservancy's "critically endangered" list.  Some call them the "Oreo" cow and they should not be confused with the Belted Galloway breed, which is a beef breed that looks the same.  Make no mistake, Dutch Belted are a dairy breed and produce delicious milk and are more likely to carry the A2 milk protein.  Jersey cows are smaller cows, with adorable faces, big eyes, and high butter fat milk. That means you can make homemade butter from all of the delicious cream that rises to the top.  Our cows are fed some transitional corn at milking time to give them their minerals, but mostly they eat alfalfa hay or grass and are outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

We also make handcrafted goat milk soap in many different colors & scents.  Our soap is made with the milk from our herd of Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, & Golden Guernsey goats.  We make soap that is all natural with either no scents or colors, or with essential oils, which are all natural.  Also, some soaps do have artificial colors & scents but it is specified on the label.  Bonus, cute little baby goats in the spring!

Visit our farm store to see our other bath & body products available. Like Lip Balm & Whipped Body Butter!