Hoffman's Little Acres is family owned and operated by Scott & Anna Hoffman and their 4 kids.  Animals have been in my (Anna's) life for as long as I can remember. Growing up a farm girl, it's just second nature.

Scott & I both milked cows before we even met. Although, Scott grew up in the city, he had always wanted to farm.  Look at him now!!

Actually our first date was pulling a calf. A cow was having a difficult labor at the dairy farm where I worked.  Scott just happened to be visiting his friend that worked with me...the rest is history. :)

We started raising our own animals for food several years ago. After spending our hard earned money on meat from the store that was rubbery, tasteless, and nobody would eat it.  Plus, some of the horror stories of how the animals are raised for food pushed us to do it ourselves.

We've never looked back! The meat, milk, eggs... nothing can compare.  The taste is unbelievably delicious and is so good for you!!

We'd love for you to become part of our "farm family"!

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If you're like us, you're tired of the tasteless meat, eggs, & milk at the grocery stores. And it's scary when you don't know what's put in, or on your food when your main priority is your family's health!

"Delicious products, my favorite is the milk (cow and goat)!... Lovely family and a pleasure to visit and shop. Highly recommend!" -Chrissy

"Mom, what are we eating tonight?" is the last thing you want to hear after your long day of errands and trucking your kids around to sports practice.  Not to mention housework and homework!

Oh, and I forgot could I forget that :(

Not only does our farm fresh food taste GREAT, it helps you have a little "normal" within the chaos

You'll find our meat is conveniently packaged in vacuum packs so it's easy to thaw on those busy weeknights.  Throw some chops or steaks in the sink and cover with cold water. 

They will be thawed after you finally get that much deserved shower with the relaxing Lavender goat milk soap you treated yourself to today.

Head over to our Farm Store page for more information on ways we can help you get a healthy dinner on the table every night.