Cows' milk/Goats' milk. How do you choose?

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You & I can totally agree that cows & goats are both cute! And the milk their mamas produce is delicious.

But, there are advantages & disadvantages to their milk.

So how do you choose? Cow milk or goat milk, which is better?

While raw milk from either species is far superior than pasteurized, some people can still find their tummies upset (or other problems) after drinking cows' milk.

"Nooooo! I can't be allergic to milk, can I??!!"  I just heard you screaming at your computer..

This "allergy" may be due to a protein in the some cows' milk that goats don't have. 

Not to bore you with too much scientific stuff, but most cows (NOT ALL) carry a protein called A1 beta casein.  That is most generally seen in commercial cows like Holsteins.  Cows can be A1/A1, A1/A2, or A2/A2.  A2/A2 being the most desirable. 

Yeah, I told you, boring AND confusing!

A1/A1 milk can be harder on digestive systems causing irritation, upset stomachs, and some claims are even worse.  Although, not a lot of research has been done on either type of milk.  Jersey cows (like ours) are less likely to carry the A1 protein. We will be doing testing on our cows to find out which protein they carry, but even if they do have the A1 protein, we can't just go and sell our big mamas...they are like our family!

It's a long process, but we will just breed the A2 protein into their calves and slowly transition over.

Now, back to the cow/goat milk debate.

Goats' milk PROS:

  • Smaller fat globules making it easier to digest

  • A2 protein

  • Contains less lactose (milk sugars)

  • Slightly higher in most vitamins & minerals

Goats' milk CONS:

  • Can have a slight "goaty" taste the longer it sits

  • Low in Vitamin B 12

  • Cream does not separate without a cream separator

  • Harder to find a supply & more costly

Cows' milk PROS:

  • Easier to find a supply

  • Cream rises to the top making it easy to use in recipes

  • High in Vitamin B 12

  • Most prefer the taste of cow milk over goat milk

Cows' milk CONS:

  • Possible A1 protein can cause digestive issues

  • Slightly lower in most vitamins & minerals (compared to goats' milk)

  • Larger fat globules can take 2+ hours to digest

Another notable difference is, cows' milk is more yellowish & goats' milk is pure white.  This is due to the way the animal processes the beta carotene in the grass/hay they eat.  Cows milk contains the beta carotene, making their cream & butter yellow. Goats body's convert the beta carotene into Vitamin A, making their milk, cream, & butter pure white.

If I've totally confused you and you need a big glass of raw milk to wash it all down, call or text to see if you prefer cow or goat milk!